0800 – 0900The Joseph KH Wong Memorial Lecture
Chairperson: Salina Husain
Speaker: Dr Choladhis Sinrachtanant
0900 – 1000Key note lecture: Rhinoplasty : Evolution of my rhinoplasty during the last 25 years
Chairperson: Mawaddah Azman
Speaker: Prof Dr Yong Ju Jang
1000 – 1030 Tea break
1030 - 1045 Arrival of VVIP: Prof Dato' Dr Rahman Jamal
1045 – 1145 Opening speech by Prof Dato' Dr Rahman Jamal
Pro Vice Chancellor, Kuala Lumpur Campus, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
1145 - 1300Facial Plastic Symposium
Chairperson: Farrah Hani
Moderator: Fatimah Mohd Nor
Rhinoplasty in cleft lip and palate
Shah Jumaat Mohd Yussof
Versatility of costal cartilage in nasal reconstruction
Leow Aik Ming
Management of complications arising from injection rhinoplasty
Leow Aik Ming
Free paper presentation
1300 - 1400Lunch Symposium: Pain Anaesthesia in facial plastic and reconstructive surgeries (Pfizer)
Chairperson: Aneeza Khairiyah Wan Hamizan
Moderator: Farah Dayana Zahedi
Maya Navaratnam
1400 - 1500Break
1500 - 1630Allergy and Rhinosinusitis symposium
Chairperson: Salina Husain
Moderator: Farah Dayana Zahedi

Ida Sadjaah Sachlin

Wan Ishlah Leman

Aneeza Khairiyah Wan Hamizan

Farah Dayana Zahedi


Rhinoplasty Symposium
Chairperson: Balwant Singh Gendeh, Ten Keng Lu
Moderator: Aneeza Khairiyah Wan Hamizan
Challenges in fixing a crooked nose, perfecting the techniques
Tan Keng Lu
Complications of Rhinoplasty
Chiu Yu Hsun
Indications of lip lift with rhinoplasty
Kianoosh Nahid
Rhinoplasty in cleft lip and palate
Cesar Vellafurte
Septoplasty and Septorhinoplasty in children: current status
Brajendra Basir
1630 - 1700Tea break
1930 - 2200Faculty Dinner (by invitation)
0800 – 0900Keynote lecture : Labbe technique facial reanimation
Chairperson: Farrah Hani, Fatimah Mohd Nor
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Tan Bien Keem
0900-0930Tea break
0930-1100Facial Plastic symposium (reconstruction)
Chairperson: Farrah Hani, Fatimah Mohd Nor
Moderator: Adzim Poh Yuen Wen
Facial tumours and its reconstruction
Dato' Paduka Ahmad Sukari Halim
Facial skeletal reconstruction
Wan Azman Wan Sulaiman
Facial reanimation with free muscle transfer
Arman Zaharil Mat Saad
Locoregional reconstruction in facial defects
Ian Loh
Oral and maxillofacial Symposium
Chairperson: Nazimi Abdul Jabar, Rama Krsna Rajandram
Moderator: Mawaddah Azman
Computerized surgical planning in orthognathic and post trauma deformities
Shamsul Anuar Ahmad
Computer-assisted surgery techniques in the management of orbital fractures
Nazimi Abd Jabar
The neglected medial maxillary wall in facial fractures
Tan Keng Lu
Orthognathic surgery
Ab Rani Samsudin
Airway, aesthetics and Angle Classification: An evidence based surgical approach for sleep disordered breathing
Rama Krsna Rajandram
1100 – 1300 Workshop 2: Rhinoplasty cadaveric dissection
Chairperson: Tan Keng Lu
Moderator: Farah Dayana Zahedi
Yong Ju Jang
Choladhis Sinrachtanant
Gordon Soo
Aesthetic applications following facial reconstruction
Chairperson: Norazirah Mohd Nor
Interactive session on case studies
Chiu Yu Hsun
Dato' Paduka Ahmad Sukari Halim
Ab Rani Samsudin
TBC (Dermatologist)
1300-1400Lunch Symposium: Venesys
1400 - 1630Workshop 3: Facial Plastic cadaveric dissection
Chairperson: Fatimah Mohd Nor, Adzim Poh Yuen Wen
Moderator: Farrah Hani
Assoc Prof Dr Tan Bien Keem
Dato' Paduka Ahmad Sukari Halim
Wan Azman Wan Sulaiman
Arman Zaharil Mat Saad
Rhinoplasty symposium
Chairperson: Balwant Singh Gendeh
Moderator: Tan Keng Lu
Functional outcome evaluation of septorhinoplasty for nasal obstruction
Farah Dayana Zahedi
Open septorhinoplasty with non-suturing closure technique: Is it better?
Salina Husain
Concurrent rhinoplasty and endoscopic sinus surgery
Balwant Singh Gendeh
Strategies in management of caudal septal deviation
Brajendra Basir
Asian nasal preferences - What are your patients looking for
Gordon Soo
1630 – 1700
Tea break
1700 - 1900PAAFPRS committee meeting with dinner at Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Level 9, Clinical Block, UKMMC
0800 – 0900Keynote lecture : Digital technology in Head and Neck reconstruction
Chairperson: Nazimi Abdul Jabar, Rama Krsna Rajandram
Speaker: Prof Dr. Zhigang Cai
0900-0930Tea break
0930-1100Oncologic head and neck surgery and reconstruction
Chairperson: Nazimi Abdul Jabar, Rama Krsna Rajandram
Moderator: Mohd Razif Mohd Yunus
Speaker: Richard Yuxiong Su
Surgical management of parapharyngeal space tumour
Neck dissection
Oral cancer resection
Microsurgical reconstruction
Medicolegal symposium
Chairperson: Balwant Singh Gendeh
Case studies on Reconstructive surgery- medico-legal lessons learnt
Raja Eileen Soraya
The legal landscape of private hospital liabilities in Malaysia today
Dinesh Baskaran
The ancient art of Chinese face reading and modern facial plastic surgery
Gordon Soo
Baseline nasal profile in Malaysian population
Intan Kartika
1100 – 1300 Workshop 4: Complex maxillofacial reconstruction
Chairperson: Nazimi Abdul Jabar, Rama Krsna Rajandram
Moderator: Nazimi Abdul Jabar
Le Fort III Osteotomy and Distraction for treatment of Exorbitism and Facial Hypoplasia in Craniosynostosis patients
Zhang Yi
Inverse Virtual Surgical Planning for 3D-printed patient-specific surgical plates in jaw reconstruction
Richard Yuxiong Su
3D printing in craniofacial reconstruction
Zainal Ariff
Digital morphing software – Use it to plan your rhinoplasty
Gordon Soo
Pinnaplasty symposium: Microtia and atresia surgery
Chairperson: Goh Bee See
Moderator: Mawaddah Azman
Radiological evaluation in microtia and canal atresia surgery
Kew Thean Yean
Rib graft pinnaplasty
Yap Lok Huei
Microtia and canal atresia
Lokman Saim
Medpore pinnaplasty: our experience and future direction
Goh Bee See
1300-1400Lunch Symposium
1400 - 1630Workshop 5: Aesthetic live demonstration
Chairperson: Fatimah Mohd Nor
Moderator: Adzim Poh Yuen Wen
Prevention and management of complications (Rhinoplasty and Fillers)
Chairperson: Balwant Singh Gendeh
Moderator: Farah Dayana Zahedi
Trauma and scar revision
Ian Loh
Complications and management of silicon rhinoplasty
Cesar Vellafurte
Complications and revision rhinoplasty
Brajendra Basir
Blinded by beauty
Alice Goh
Dermal Filler Allergy
Wong Chee Hin
1630 – 1700Invited talks
Happy Lift Case Studies
Chih Shih Choon
Cool sculpting in localised fat reduction
Nicholas Lim
Laser hair removal in Asian skin types
Jeyanthi V
Dermal fillers and Botox A in current aesthetic practice
Louis Leh
1700Tea break
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